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It Takes Two

Our story is simple. APOTEK was born out of our personal quest to discover healthy and nutritious options for our family.


Susi Rodriguez

Wife and a mother of two children.  She has worked in multiple family offices and has led multiple entities in with social impact in Guatemala. She holds a background in Hospitality Management, and has wide experience in the service industry.   She is passionate about health, fitness and nutrition.   APOTEK was created as a personal need for our family to develop healthy and nutritious snack options not common in the market place.


Bachelor of Administration with a

concentration in Hospitality

Alejandro Biguria

Husband and dad of two children, is a practicing architect, leading multiple businesses fusing technology and his creative ingenuity into products and services that generate a possitive impact in our community and environment.   APOTEK is the result of multiple years of product development and dedicated research.   


Bachelors in Economics

Masters in Architecture


Real Estate Design and Development

Historic Preservation

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